Our History

When was a “passion” and one wonders why it is like trying to find the roots of a love or a deep friendship between people. The elements that trigger certain mechanisms in the head and the heart are part of our being chemistry, biology be, be part of a “whole”.

See the birth of the plants, blooming buds, follow the growth of the berries, marking the rhythm the rhythm of life, as are the days that pass close to a loved one.

The land, the water, the sun are primordial elements of balance, necessary, newspapers and uncontrollable that make the life of a wine as something “alive” different from year to year where the care and attention are factors essential but not decisive.

And is the part that makes this passion indeterminable more interesting, more challenging, close to the search of the imponderable, of why you are in the world.

Today we do not know “when” and “who” tramanderemo this passion. For us it is a start and these reflections are a starting of what we want it to be. The chance to start goes beyond the need to know how to evolve.

The vineyards are reborn, fallow fields already have become nourishment for new branches. There is harmony in the rows.

It prepares the tavern for those who will help in the harvest. It prepares the cellar.

These things will go with us or who will remain? Today we feel that, without anxiety and worry, and that is what we want to convey to all those interested to look at life and the life of a wine.